Saturday, November 24, 2007

Walter urges Mon Community to establish small business

MOTSAING: Fort Wayne November 24, 2007 _ Walter Escalante, a distributor of the Royal Prestige Cookware Company, has urged Mon Community to start a small business. He said Mon Community needed to be strong in finance and his company could help it. He offered a very good commission for both sale and buy for his company products such as cookwares and other suppliers.

Mr Walter looked more than a businessman. He talked about the history of Europe and the independence of America. He said freedom was not cheap and America was not built easily just in one day. Our talk led to about religion. He also shared his points of view regarding religions. He recommended us that we, as the Buddhists, should meditate two kinds of thing: our living and our body. I imparted some Christian ideas about the creation. I said if we were truly created, we should be creative.

I recalled the Speech Tournament held yesterday. Nai Chan Nai, one of the speaker who won the first prize, focused on the twelve religious festivals held at the Mon Buddhist Temple. He pointed out that we, the Mons, too pious and Buddhism was based on individual and it sometimes led us to selfishness. He said he believed that Mon should be Mon-centered so that we would not let anyone lay down.

The second standing person yesterday was Nai Kon Yekkha. He talked about the Mon millionaire, Nai Ok, and compared it to the Nai Saik, MON ASIAN FOOD STORE owner, in Fort Wayne. He warned if we were too individually pragmatist, Nai Saik might lose his store as Nai Ok lost his nine ships to the British and then it effected Mon community badly.

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