Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving Day in America

Here in the States, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day. It is a gazetted holiday to celebrate on the fourth day of November, the end of the harvest season. Though it was originally a religious observance, it is now celebrated across America by the colorful Americans including Mon Buddhists. I was asked by some American friends if I enjoy eating Turkey-dinner on this occasion. I said No. However, we will take an advantage of the holiday managing a Mon Debate at the Mon Buddhist Temple, Ft. Wayne, IN. That was why I was IMed last night about how to debate in Mon by Lulu Mommom who won the first prize debate of Hoosier High school last week. Wow..she speaks Burmese and English fluently instead of Mon. I hope she will do well tomorrow and stand first at the Mon Debate too. Hope you the best, lulumommom.

And the following is an email sent from Africa. Hi Ashley and Ryan, I miss you too. Hope to see you next year. Wish me to be here until you are back home. I love your state, Tennessee, derived from Tanasi which pronunciation is close to Mon pronunciation of Tenasserim, Tanansi. OK...friends, brothers and sisters, wish all of you the best of the best on the earth.....! place of Ashley's picture, see her email sent to me. you go!

hello brother ravi!
ryan and i send our thanksgiving wishes and love to you! how will you spend your first thanksgiving in america? what are you giving thanks for? i hope you eat some turkey and dressing!!! do you still observe the traditional fast of monks where you do not eat after noon?
liz tells me you are trying to get ............! is she helping you with this process??? i do pray it works out for you. have you had any contact with your father in mon state?
i hope you get a chance to visit brother bill and ranger mike some time!!! i know they would love to see you. ryan and i hope to be home next summer for a visit. we will make a plan to see you if you are still in america!
how can i be praying for you?
with love--
ashley and ryan.

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