Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Reach out for the sky

Hello Mon!

What you think your priority is what is your priority. It is neither everything nor nothing but something. Just encourage yourself when no one recognizes your effort. See you have something what other does not have. Prove it to the world.

You have born to serve yourself, your nation and your world. Fight for the survival of them. Democracy? Religion? Wish to do more than them?

There is so much to discover about Mon in the past. How much do we have to tell the world about our present life? Talking about national unity? Overrating our strength? It doesn't work.

Do we really face a shortage of intelligentsia? Do we lack of natural resource? What is our disappointment? Excuse doesn't work.

To liberate our nation, where should we start? No idea? Start where you are. Do something you know, you wish, and you are enable to do it.

Should you show your love by hatred? Does it mean you cherish your nation by telling about the weakness of your partner? I hope not because it is a kind of act for merely popularity.

See presidential candidates. They are good in speaking. Who knows how much they could do as they promised? We need who works. You are the one. Believe you can make it different.

We talk about the different. But most of us don't want to let the different exist. We should recognize the difference since we are different in nature. Can an alien survive among our society? it is enough if you could respect to citizen rights.

Struggling for self-determination? Building a Federal State? Train yourself first. Educate your community second. See how much you can work together with other ethnicities third. If you are a sectarian, dictatorship is encouraged in your community and you isolate your group from the outside world, your struggle is doubtful.

Everybody has said we couldn't make it. But we believe we can. Let's try hard. Do something for someone. One day, we will be home. We have created it. We have built it centuries. We have to reclaim it.

So fly Hamsa, our sacred bird. Reach out for the sky!

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